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New version 7.34 is available for downloading

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Improvements in 7.34 version:

[+] In honor of the liberation of Kherson from the Russian Nazis, a start button with a watermelon was added. Remember, it is not Putin who kills Ukrainians. It is the Russian who presses the hook that launches the rockets. This Russian pays taxes for building rockets. This Russian is silent. There are no good Russians alive. Glory to the ZSU, which makes many good Russian ones.
Russians brutally killed people in Chechnya, Georgia, Karabash and many other countries even before Putin. It's just that now you can see it thanks to the internet. They were always so inhuman. Hitler learned from Stalin to kill his own people. Do not believe the Russians. Never.

Improvements in 7.33 version:

[-] Small integration fix for windows 11

Improvements in 7.32 version:

[-] Fixed bug that prevent integration of start button in windows 11

Improvements in 7.31 BETA version:

[-] Fixed bug that detect windows 11 as windows 10

Improvements in 7.3 BETA version:

[+] Improved support for Windows 11

This beta can replace the image on the start button.

Improvements in 7.2 BETA version:

[+] Added support for Windows 11

This beta doesn't replace the image on the start button.
If this beta crash the Explorer please pres Win+R and type "explorer.exe" and press enter. Please report us about crashes.

Improvements in 7.1 version:

[+] Added many new icons for the start button

[+] Added support for Windows 7 (32 bit)

[-] Fixed a bug that prevented pressing Windows + Shift + S combination

[-] The program no longer stores information about the success or failure of integration with the system in the file.

Improvements in 7.0 version:

[+] Fully rewrote the system integration
We rewrote system integration from scratch in the new version. The program is much more stable and secure.

[+] Added the ability to replace the Start menu’s button image in various ways

[+] Added a new unique skin and a set of new skins

[+] Added the ability to override the system color for Aero-supported skins

[-] Corrected an error that prevented the program from working properly when Pinnacle Studio is installed

Improvements in 6.8 version:

[+] Start button replacement function is hidden by default
This feature is very sensitive to other programs. if other programs work with errors, the program cannot correctly display the replacement image for the start button. Therefore, this feature will only be available to those who already use it and will be hidden from others.

[+] Restart PC after setup
To reduce security threats, the program will always require you to restart your PC during installation.

Improvements in 6.75 version:

[+] System search is disabled by default
In the previous version, we replaced the search, but it still works with errors. So we returned the old search and you can enable the new one in the settings.

[+] In the new version, we ignore Windows options regarding the color of the menu
By default, Windows uses black for the menu. We're tired of explaining how to disable this option. Therefore, in the new version, we will not take it into account this option and the menu color will match the color of Aero that you select in windows settings.

[-] Bug fixes with Space X Theme
With certain system settings, the ship remained present.

[-] Removed old shortcuts with a link to the mail and the Internet.
Some antiviruses perceived these shortcuts as viruses. Although these were files the size of a few bytes. They are currently unused and can be removed.

Improvements in 6.7 version:

[+] System search interface added
About 15 years ago we were first who provide a comfortable search by program name inside the Windows XP. Now the system search becomes useful and comfortable. This why we integrate the system search interface inside Start Menu X. You can turn off this in advanced settings.

[+] SpaceX skin was added
We are very happy about the progress that made Space X in space. This way we add the unique skin with space animation and back counter to the next launch of Space X. If you have a very slow PC you can switch to the skin without animation. To enable new skin please click Options - Personalization and select skin - Space X

Improvements in 6.5 version:

[+] Hide/Show applications inside the Start Menu X programs list
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/HWYteJkmNrI

[+] Convert a "Folders groups" into a "Virtual Groups"
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/QPxbHQuRo84

[+]Now you can manage the main menu with the help of context menu.
Tutorial:Add a Virtual group to the main Start Menu X menu

[-] Fixed the bug with context menu

Improvements in 6.32 version:

[+] A new certificate of signature of the program with the name of the developer - Nazarenko Denys, instead of OrdinarySoft.

[+] Removed pause before displaying a search results.

[-] Fixed a "server connection error" error while checking for updates.

Improvements in 6.3 version:

[+] New Xmas skin.

[-] Fixed bug in uninstall process.

Improvements in 6.2 version:

[+] Added search in the settings and applications folders of windows 10 and 8.

Improvements in 6.11 version:

[+] Improved popup speed of the power panel.

Improvements in 6.1 version:

[+] Added two new skins.

[+] Now the programs and applications are sorted alphabetically during the first run of start Menu X.

[+] Improved integration into the Windows 10.

[+] Returned the skin by default - "Windows Metro."

[-] Few small bugs have been fixed.

Improvements in 6.02 version:

[-] Bug fixed - "Index out of bounds"

[-] Bug fixed - "The power panel missing when you click power control button"

Improvements in 6.00 version:

[+] 3 styles (Start Menu X, Start Menu 10, Classic Start Menu) in one

[+] Ability to add Virtual Groups to the main menu or tabs

[+] Ability to import/export settings and store them in the cloud

[+] New Windows 10 skin

[+] Several interface improvements

[+] the programs and applications combined into one folder (for clean insulations under windows 10)

[-] Fixed bug with tabs size

[-] Fixed bug with aero blur for 32bit windows 10 systems

[-] A few small bugs fixes

Improvements in 5.87 version:

[-] Fix for jumping Options button when no reason for this (no updates)

[-] Small bug fix

Improvements in 5.85 version:

[+] New version automatically checks an updates on the site. You can disable this in options.

Improvements in 5.81 version:

[-] The bug was fixed. The Start Menu X doesn't appear under Windows 8.1 if the taskbar on side or top of the desktop.

Improvements in 5.80 version:

[+] Aero support has been added for windows 10 (Skins: Windows Metro, Crystal Graphite and Crystal Graphite Black)

Improvements in 5.72 version:

[-] another and the last fix of the bug during search

Improvements in 5.71 version:

[-] fixed the bug during search

Improvements in 5.70 version:

[-] Take in account the option in windows 10 settings - "Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center"

[-] Change the way to start with system for windows 10 and windows 7

Improvements in 5.65 version:

[-] Fixed the bug when start menu popup once again after a application launch.

[-] Fixed the bug when start button doesn't respond after program restart.

Improvements in 5.60 version:

[+] The captions on the power panel automatically hides when size is small

[-] fixed a bug when search results for Apps Settings show improper(coded) name.

Improvements in 5.50 version:

[+] Improved support for Windows 10

[-] Fixed anti-aliasing bug with fonts under windows 10

[-] Fixed bug when click over start button bring the system menu (windows 10 only)

[+] Replaced fonts for skins from Thoma on Segoe UI

Improvements in 5.46 version:

[-] Fixed bug in skins with programs captions

Improvements in 5.45 version:

[+] Improved Power Panel

[+] Add ability to hide captions for power buttons

[+] Improved skins

[-] Fixed bug that appear for option - Hide nitrification icon

Improvements in 5.46 version:

[-] Fixed bug in skins with programs captions

Improvements in 5.45 version:

[+] Improved Power Panel

[+] Add ability to hide captions for power buttons

[+] Improved skins

[-] Fixed bug that appear for option - Hide nitrification icon

Improvements in 5.44 version:

[+] Revert back to 5.3 version engine.

[-] Fixed bugs that was found during 5.4 version development.

Improvements in 5.43 version:

[-] few bugs fixed

Improvements in 5.42 version:

[-] few bugs fixed

Improvements in 5.41 version:

[+] Add missing skins - Classic Sky, Classic Black, Crystal Graphite Black

[+] return back the behavior of start button image that was changed in 5.4

Improvements in 5.40 version:

[+] Major internal improvements

[+] Support of Direct2D

[+] Windows 10 support

[+] New Power control panel

[+] Improved skins

[-] We cancel WindowsXP support

Improvements in 5.30 version:

[+] changed way of startup of the program

Improvements in 5.29 version:

[-] Fixed bug

Improvements in 5.28 version:

[-] Fixed critical bug from 5.27 version(program don't start)

Improvements in 5.27 version:

[-] Fixed memory leak bug

Improvements in 5.26 version:

[-] Fixed bug with "Hide tray icon"

[-] Few minor bugs was fixed

Improvements in 5.25 version:

[-] Fixed bugs in installer

Improvements in 5.24 version:

[-] Fixed bug in Virtual Group manager when he show only five groups

[-] Fixed bugs in installer

Improvements in 5.23 version:

[+] Now you can try PRO features with 30-day trial mode

[+] AdWare protection for installer was added

Improvements in 5.20 version:

[+] We has add ability to show W8 apps in the list(windows 8/8.1 only). So you can add a Main Menu item or a Tab with one of the options(Programs, Apps+Programs, only Apps).
With clean install you will get Apps+Programs. But if you setup over previous version the program don't change your settings and you stay with programs only content.
If you want programs+app please change it manually.
Please note that Program and Programs+Apps use the same settings file for Virtual Groups so you don't need to setup it once again.
I want to remind that you can add items into the main menu with + button located on the top of main menu(select - Folders - Programs & Apps). To remove please use the '-' button near plus button.
Also you can change the order of the items with drag&drop. To put a item to the most bottom position please drag it to the pre-bottom position and after move the bottom item on the top.

[+]The PRO version users can create Virtual Groups for any item in the Main Menu or a Tab. Just right-click over any content and select Start Menu X - Manage Virtual Groups

Improvements in 5.16 version:

[-] Fixed bug with unicode during search request in Internet(ctrl+enter).

Improvements in 5.15 version:

[-] Fixed critical bug when Start Menu X stolen keyboard focus from other applications.

[-] Fixed compatibility with Windows 8.1 Update 1

[+] Ukrainian flag was added in the list of start button images. To support Ukrainian people with fight for freedom from Russia and Putin.

Improvements in 5.121 version:

[-] Fixed bug when you get double chars in search bar.

Improvements in 5.12 version:

[+] Now you can hide icon in notification area.

[-] Fixed bug when sub menu can stay on the screen.

Improvements in 5.1 version:

[+] Now you can change order of the items. Even in Virtual Groups or Computer or Control Panel folder. In other words everywhere.

Improvements in 5.02 version:

[+] New cool feature for the PRO version - Auto select "Main in Folder" program. When you run the program it will be automatically assign as "Main in Folder" you may disable this in Options - Advanced.

[-] bug fix.

Improvements in 5.02 version:

[+] New cool feature for the PRO version - Auto select "Main in Folder" program. When you run the program it will be automatically assign as "Main in Folder" you may disable this in Options - Advanced.

[-] bug fix.

Improvements in 5.00 version:

[+] Sorry guys, nothing special, just a small fix

Improvements in 4.99 version:

[+] Improved compatibility with windows 8.1

[+] Now you can use the system start button in Windows 8.1

Improvements in 4.97 version:

[+] Now you can control the highlights of files in the options

[+] Now you can turn off the "main folder"

[+] After a clean install the Start Menu X will import pined programs under Windows XP, vista, 7

[+] Improved stability after Explorer crash

Improvements in 4.95 version:

[+] New files highlights

[-] Few small bugs was fixed

Improvements in 4.93 version:

[-] Fixed an issue where the computer can freeze at startup

[-] Improved work of Power Panel for multi-monitor configuration

[-] Fixed bug where program don't remember about folded state for Other group.

Improvements in 4.91 version:

[+] Improved Skip Metro feature

[+] Basic keyboard navigation support was added

[-] Search don't lost focus any more if you use keyboard instead mouse to open menu

Improvements in 4.89 version:

[+] Pin to Start Menu X was fixed and restored

[+] Now you can run Metro applications